Color blind? Go with neutrals

Are you a fashion savvy? well as for me, i am not! Definitely not.  I am not quite keen on learning the basics of Fashion & Styling.  Worse with identifying colours, i guess i need to go back in my primary school years to know more about the colour wheel.  Loving fashion also means, one must know the art of playing with colors and most of the time i couldn’t even distinguish blue, purple, lavender and violet.. how troublesome!
So if you ask me how come i love to blog about ootd’s and wiw’s well the answer is pretty simple,  i wear whatever i find is pleasing to the naked eye (colors aside)…  isn’t that a good excuse for being too indolent in knowing the basics? not just yet.  So, my usual look combo if it’s not neutral, if it’s not a one-colour look, i go with the usual, i go with black! 🙂 exciting isn’t it? lolz.
and… here’s one for the road!
What do you think about this look? does it make me a fashion savvy despite the colorblindness? 😉 you be the judge to it…
black top & vest – Cotton On Australia | thrifted shorts | Ice platform heels | Desi necklace


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