Date with Sissy…

T’was a fun-filled Sunday with my sister…We had our lunch around 3pm at Moon Cafe Centrio branch. While waiting for our food, I took photos  of the interiors but i definitely forgot to do the same for our food when it was finally served;  it just goes to prove how hungry we were already.

 I was craving for their baby back ribs but it wasn’t available. Too bad for it was one of my favorites!  I am really not a fan of hot and spicy cuisine but our choices were all pretty much spicy foods.  And now I’m beginning to have second thoughts after filling our tummies with Beef Salpicao and Chimichangga. They were quite palatable! 🙂 Their Suncooler was yummy too.  Not even a single photo of the food was taken;  that would’ve completed a brief  food review.. 😉

The conversations coupled with laughter and smiles were the best part of our day. Not only did we make our tummies full, we also got to fill each other’s love tanks to the brim. In fact, they were overflowing! ❤

Ah, having a sister is always a blessing! 🙂

DSC_0132 DSC_0137 DSC_0141



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