STYLISTA: Jean Scene

Had a great time yesterday taking photos and feeling like a pro during the Stylistas Jean Scene, a battle amongst 20 finalists bagging for the title of Ultimate male and female Stylista.  New generation of young models graced yesterdays event in SM City Cagayan de Oro.  A stunning silhouette collection of Boogie Musni Rivera was flaunted in the runway along with other famous local brands such as Mags, Bettina, Penshoppe, Giordano and i forgot the rest, lol.

The hailed Ultimate Male and Female Stylistas were Kenneth Anito and Ella Bautista, both models of MACdO (Model’s Association of Cagayan de Oro).  I’d pick the same winners if i were to judge as well, they well deserve the title and they possess the qualities of a true “STYLISTA”, charming, confident, refined, poised, flawless, effortless and gorgeous.



DSC_0873So, Congratulations to all models… and I reward myself a pat on the back as well haha, i never thought just taking photos all through the length of the event, using a huge camera can give me aches and pains all over my faux back (thank you levoscoliosis) and faux muscles (thank you hypokalemia).  But i feel wonderful though.

Since my hubby and I are heading back to Australia early next year, i made a pact to myself to be more fashion productive and be more involved especially with the latest fashion happenings in the City.  With no job at the moment except to feed my hobby and feed my cravings for everything fashion (Photography as well), i’ll make it a point to be up-to-date with what’s new and what’s in here in Cagayan de Oro Philippines…. Yay! Indeed, #itsmorefuninthephilippines and good thing i still got plenty of time to do nothing but enjoy blogging 🙂

Have a blessed Sunday everyone and have a Fashiontastic one!

Photographer – Yours truly! 😉

thanks also my dear sister Gracey for accompanying me all throughout the show…


Elle Robac

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