What an artist!


tumblr_mjjdghqXKL1r0wotjo1_1280Justy a quick post… i couldnt pass an hour without posting this one… I was just simply blown away when i saw Kristina Webb‘s drawings on Facebook via a friend.  She’s just so talented especially when she blends real images to that of her drawings, idk how she does that but she really is amazing don’t ya think? 😉tumblr_ml4ngmMOBC1r0wotjo1_500 f6f5758eebc111e2a65722000a1fbb45_7 1002441_563120973739768_1656674631_n 984204_551137658271433_1237225812_n 945549_544185548966644_1852033207_n 575728_548683558516843_1452444492_n 561374_415741018477765_1102543732_n 431508_327179497333918_108847544_n 376865_416516901733510_892427603_n 142db7d4f0e411e2ada322000a1fbcdb_7 60b8bfd4ea2911e2a62a22000aa803cb_7 24b84ffcf50211e2a03a22000a1fbd56_7

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