Fashion for Less

Yesterday was my childhood friend’s wedding and this look was what i came up…

The exciting thing is, all came with an inexpensive price tag… yes! the top, skirt, necklace, heels (which i brought on sale back when i was in Australia)  and even my Moschino bag are all thrifted, amazing isn’t it?  if you also think this look is fabulous enough for a wedding, then i could clearly say that, you could look good even with thrifted finds.  Fashion indeed is not equated with how expensive  you splurge but how well you can save without compromising how good you can look.

I am a lover of anything vintage, which is why when i laid my eyes on this skirt from Shorts Station, i made it really really sure that no one else can have it but me……

I don’t splurge, I SAVE… 🙂

DSC_0947 - Copy DSC_0948 - Copy DSC_0949 - Copy DSC_0950 - Copy DSC_0951 - Copy DSC_0952 - Copy DSC_0954 - Copy DSC_0955 - Copy

Here’s a quote on this look, it is in Philippine peso (php) and Australian dollars (aud); just to prove that you can look good even without splurging:

Top – P150 ($3.75 AUD)

Shorts station skirt – P75 ($2 AUD)

Moschino bag from the thrift shop – P50 ($1.25 AUD)

Necklace – P155 ($4 AUD)

Heels – 10 AUD (P400)

So, basically, this whole look sums up to P830 or roughly $20.75 AUD; great finds don’t you think? 😀

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