Leaving Behind Auto

These test shots were taken yesterday during Glenn Palacio’s basic photography workshop… I mentioned about this workshop in my previous post (Here!).  My model is Steffie Uy, author of Andrea’s Blog, surprisingly she’s a co-style blogger from Iligan City; was really excited when I knew we were both on the same line of interest 🙂

dsc_0037 dsc_0042 dsc_0046 dsc_0048 dsc0052 dsc0053 dsc0054

Again, the workshop was themed “Leaving behind Auto”, it’s perfect because ever since I brought my camera I’ve always  been using Auto mode, which I finally realized was so wrong!  I’ve learned so much from today’s workshop, so much that my fabulous brain couldn’t handle, information overload to be exact 🙂

However, with Glenn Palacio as our mentor photographer, I had a day filled with fruitful information especially about using my DSLR camera to its full potential.. hmm how exciting^^

I am indeed Leaving behind Auto, I am moving on… Good bye Auto Hello Manual 🙂

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