Go to Style: Denim shorts

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Plain Levis shorts from Shorts station (I customized this mehself and turned it into a trendy bleached, cut-out, frayed shorts).  FYI: Shorts station is known for making the most trendy customized expressive shorts from more than just the basic cut-out/frayed pieces, to patched and even hand-painted, and ombre styled ones.  Go check them out. 🙂

_DSC1194_wm _DSC1199_wm _DSC1211_wm _DSC1214_wm

My latest obsession are denim shorts and not only your typical denim shorts, but I also recently found the urge to customize my own shorts 🙂

I have my own version on how i bleached and frayed this shorts and i think it would be rather interesting (or not) to share how i came up with this bleached, frayed, cut-out shorts (please stay tune for that).

This is yet again another fun, simple outfit shot I had with my younger sister which is shot on location in the close-by tennis court ha-ha.

Have a fantastic day everyone!


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