Who loves PINK??? I do.

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Since I started blogging and taking random street-style outfit shots, I got to admit, this one’s by far my top favourite..

You know why?

It is utterly because, I’m in love with how the photos came together; how meshed the colours of my outfit to that of the flowers, grasses and even walls around me, don’t you agree? More so, because I have the most gorgeous blush pink earrings and top on πŸ™‚ I cannot stop staring at how pretty my pink earrings looked like in these photos… you just don’t know how kilig I am if ever i see anything pink especially if it is this kind of pink… can you imagine a colour blind like me can recognize and even adore this luscious blush pink ensemble.. whew! πŸ™‚

The fact that, my gorgeous sister flora also took these lovely photos and despite her being so busy with online work, she still eagerly (with force ha-ha!) wanted to be my photographer (i got to bribe her with ice cream afterwards, ha-ha!)..

It’s obvious I had a fun shooting time with my sister and a great day to be exact… Hope you’ll have a gorgeous, fun, fashion-filled day too wherever part you are in the world… wink!

YirenYOuYue pink top | Ally LBD dress worn as a skirt | Fioni pink peep-toe heels by Payless Shoe source | Random finds pink earrings |Β My mom’sΒ clutch bag

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