SMAC x Shorts station x Blush pearls

Okay, I can’t deny I am sooooooo excited to share with you my first ever experience in styling 12 models in a fashion show.  Yes you heard me right! A fashion show! how good is that?

Speaking of good, Karen, a very down-to-earth, kind, simple and humorous new friend of mine; who’s also the designer and owner of Shorts Station gave me an experience of a life time, one that I would treasure for evz 🙂

The experience wasn’t planned, the good thing was (well not really a good thing for Karen), her stylist made a last-minute planned/unplanned vacay somewhere so she wouldn’t be able to style for the show.. It was like a blessing in disguise for both me and Karen and I couldn’t thank her enough; for this experience alone made me one happy lass…

Btw, this fashion show is in line with the launching of a new modelling agency here in Cagayan de Oro, the SMAC (Solid Models Association of CDO), the manager whom is a friend of Karen.  I have known a few modelling agencies here in CDO, all of which are high end, classy and trustworthy and I could also say after having to witness the launching of SMAC yesterday, the models were pretty glamorous and tough as well! Young and care-free too 😉

I am glad that the fashion industry here in local CDO is highly stepping up a notch, some of whom are already known and making their way nationally.  I couldn’t be any prouder.  So, as to SMAC and it’s founders, congratulations for a wonderful launching and hoping to see your models make their way into the fashion limelight.

If you happen to drop by this post, and you’re amongst the models, feel free to copy and share ❤

_DSC1698_wm _DSC1700_wm _DSC1710_wm _DSC1713_wm _DSC1729_wm _DSC1731_wm _DSC1732_wm _DSC1774_wm _DSC1790_wm _DSC1800_wm _DSC1806 (2)_wm _DSC1806_wm _DSC1836_wm _DSC1845_wm _DSC1848_wm _DSC1863_wm _DSC1865_wm _DSC1871_wm _DSC1874_wm _DSC1878_wm _DSC1881_wm _DSC1886_wm _DSC1895_wm _DSC1907_wm _DSC1913_wm _DSC1919_wm _DSC1925_wm _DSC1927_wm _DSC1937_wm _DSC1973_wm _DSC1981_wm _DSC2008_wm _DSC2010_wm _DSC2018_wm _DSC2028_wm _DSC2031_wm _DSC2061_wm _DSC2062_wm _DSC2066_wm _DSC2073_wm _DSC2107_wm _DSC2125_wm _DSC2150_wm _DSC2163_wm _DSC2167_wm _DSC2210_wm _DSC2231_wm _DSC2236_wm _DSC2237_wm _DSC2252_wm

Oh my… isn’t she gorgeous? I can see her walking the runways of NYC, London, Milan, Sydney and everywhere haha she’s so high-end; the beauty, stance and height 😉 I am just elated you know! but she really resembles a model who just won ANTM 🙂

_DSC2260_wm _DSC2263_wm _DSC2265_wm _DSC2270_wm _DSC2273_wm _DSC2274_wm _DSC2281_wm _DSC2293_wm _DSC2300_wm _DSC2315_wm _DSC2326_wm _DSC2328_wm _DSC2331_wm _DSC2334_wm _DSC2336_wm _DSC2339_wm _DSC2348_wm _DSC2354_wm _DSC2356_wm _DSC2361_wm _DSC2362_wm _DSC2372_wm _DSC2374_wm



2 thoughts on “SMAC x Shorts station x Blush pearls

  1. junix

    Hi blushpearls, i just want to say thank u very much from the bottom of my heart. Im so proud that all my models looks pretty because of u and mabelle. A very big thank u. Junix

    1. Hello Junix.. the pleasure is mine 🙂 the opportunity was a blessing.. Congrats btw for it was indeed a fantastic show… I am yet to post their photos wearing the collection of the other designers.. 🙂

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