Meet your Stylist

These photos of mehself seemed like I just came from a flight somewhere or better yet on the verge of catching a flight back to Australia… haha! not yet… not so soon…

Honestly, I am still lightheaded from the recently concluded launching of SMAC models last Saturday night.  They were indeed stunning, shall I say, Oh so fabulous! I have not even posted half of their photos yet (what a slack am I..) who would’ve thought post processing would take forever.

_DSC3192 _DSC3191 _DSC3189

Btw, as you’ve known in my previous post, Karen owner/designer of Shorts station gave me the opportunity to be her stylist as she launched her new batch of expressive shorts.  I am really not used to that title yet for I only do personal styling to feed my hobby and appreciation for fashion.  However, I kind of liked it especially if someone commends your work; and appreciates the styles that you came up with.  I am novice in styling people apart from myself but as they say “experience is the greatest teacher” and I am spreading my wings with high hopes that this won’t be the last. 🙂

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