A celebration of Love ♥

Last Saturday, me and my beautiful sister Gracey attended a friend’s celebration of love and unity.  It was indeed a great honour to be amongst the witnesses and even as I saw the bride walk down the aisle, it brought back memories of how I walked down the aisle myself during my wedding… it’s a life event that I wouldn’t mind doing over and over again (except for the expenses part). 🙂 _DSC3917 _DSC3918 _DSC3919 _DSC3920 _DSC3923These shots of the bride and the groom are my favourite especially the part where I got to take a photo of the groom carrying the bride out of the church… how magical could it get on the part of the bride; relieving her dream of being carried away by the only person he wants to be with for eternity… ♥

And, of course, the day would not be complete if there’s no outfit shot, would it? 🙂 so, here’s what i wore to Kuh’s wedding…

_DSC3886 _DSC3982 _DSC3996

An old rose jumpsuit from Fab, Aldo heels and my mom in law’s gold clutch.. Plain & simple!

_DSC3878 _DSC3879 _DSC3901 _DSC3902

The day won’t be complete without a photo of me and my fabulous sister whose WAGW skirt i so envy…

Have a lovely day everyone!

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