Fic + Moon Cafe

So last Sunday, I had an amazing time again with my beautiful sister Gracey.  She’s my constant buddy now-a-days who always keeps me company whenever i feel like doing anything.  I have 2 other sisters but one’s in Bukidnon, our hometown and our youngest is all around the place, she has a lot going on in her busy world, work and as an entrepreneur that is.. 🙂

Needless to say, my favourite people in the world aside from my parents and hubby of course are my sisters! yay! If going back to Australia is gonna be so soon, i am sure going to miss my sissies a LOT!  I could not stress enough how thankful i am for in this crazy world we live in, God gave us sisters and brothers to hang around with.  🙂

I may not have all the luxurious things in the world, but i sure do have all that is necessary for me to say i have a happy & blessed life — my hubby, my parents, my 3 gorgeous sisters and all the good people around me! I could not ask for more.. 🙂

_DSC4060 _DSC4061 _DSC4062 _DSC4066 _DSC4067 _DSC4071 _DSC4072

And yes, sissy and I went to Fic (Fruits in iceCream) located in the 2nd level of Centrio Mall.  I tried this one, their best seller called Banoffee, a mixture of two ice cream flavours vanilla and caramel topped with chocolate syrup and crumbs on a bed of banana and there’s one other ingredient in it that i forgot.. YUMMY!

_DSC4073 _DSC4074 _DSC4082 _DSC4088 _DSC4092 _DSC4094 _DSC4095 _DSC4096 _DSC4098 _DSC4099 _DSC4101 _DSC4102 _DSC4108 _DSC4111

These are what’s left of it… from YUMMY to EMPTY! the smaller one is plain pistachio ice cream which my sister tried and i got to try too, and it’s yummy as well…


After we satisfied our ice cream cravings, we moved on and continued our main quest for that day, that is, to find the perfect gift for our youngest sister Ria who just celebrated her 20th birthday yesterday (post coming out soon). 🙂

I finally found a pair of skinny jeans and a cute sheer tribal top both from Robinson’s Department Store and sissy found hers in What a Girl Wants (WAGW), a very cute floral blazer that we both think Ria could all use for work. 🙂

After hours of strolling around the mall and as we got our feet tired and my sissy’s tummy rumbling to be fed, sissy wanted to have a light meal at Moon Cafe mexican restaurant.

_DSC4118 _DSC4119 _DSC4120 _DSC4122 _DSC4126 _DSC4128

Since my tummy was still full from the Banoffee sundae i had at fic, i was not really in the mood for another meal, but i was enticed with this one on the menu. Chimichanga and cheesy beefy burito, i know i said i wasn’t in the mood to eat, but hey can i not change my mind? haha.

_DSC4129 _DSC4130 _DSC4146

That’s our short but fun journey with sissy last Sunday and sister Ria’s awesome birthday celebration is coming right up on my next post.  🙂

Thank you for taking time to read.  Have a lovely tuesday everyone!

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