Tiger x Lion x Leopard

Since coming back home from Aus, and having no work at the moment, 85% of what I do to keep my sanity is to have fun shoots with my sisters.  I do outfit posts which is why I have loads of photos of myself but as much as I love to be in front of the camera, I also crave to be behind the eyepiece and be the photographer.

I and my two other younger sisters had a two-day fun shooting session in three different locations.  I always get excited and elated whenever we decide on photo sessions like this.  Aside from us capturing candid but casual moments, as sisters we also get to enjoy each other’s company.

_DSC4581_wm _DSC4582_wm _DSC4729_wm _DSC4732_wm


_DSC4738_wm _DSC4758_wm _DSC4765_wm


This gorgeous leopard print shorts is a gift from Karen of Shorts Station and I got the top from her as well. (I’m a big fan of shorts station, I know) I could not really deny and I prolly kept reiterating myself over and over again how much I love shorts and how much I adore the designs of Karen V.  It is but fabulous don’t you think? 🙂

_DSC4921_wm _DSC4933_wm _DSC4937_wm _DSC5165_wm _DSC5174_wm

Now, the reason behind the title “tiger x lion x leopard”:

1. I’ve got a tiger dangling in my ears

2. A lion hanging around my neck and

3. A leopard crouching my thighs 🙂

_DSC5185_wm _DSC5199_wm _DSC5206_wm _DSC5212_wm _DSC5219_wm _DSC5228_wm _DSC5231_wm _DSC5237_wm _DSC5242_wm _DSC5243_wm _DSC5244_wm _DSC5245_wm _DSC5246_wm _DSC5247_wm _DSC5251_wm _DSC5265_wm _DSC5268_wm _DSC5281_wm

I guess I have to warn you I’ll be flooding my site with photos from our two-day session and this is just one of the many, so I guess beware? 🙂 he-he.

Shorts station grey loose top and high-waisted leopard print/studded shorts | Diva earrings and bangle | Ororama lion necklace | Aldo studded heels



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