Modern day FLOWER girls

Reason behind the title:  I have long envisioned of teeny, grown-up flower girls to sprinkle flowers down the aisle before the bride makes her memorable walk… not that i wanted to replace the cute little ones, but i thought it would also be lovely to see teenage flower girls alongside the adorable little ones.. why haven’t i thought about that while i was still on the verge of planning for my own wedding last May? hmmm…

Reason behind the fruit (Rambotan) in the flower girl’s basket:  I didn’t have the luxury of time to shop for fresh flowers beforehand (another excuse..) and since we went to harvest Rambotan in the farm, i thought, why not fill those empty baskets with newly harvested Rambotan? 🙂

_DSC5548_wm _DSC5549_wm _DSC5550_wm _DSC5556_wm _DSC5562_wm _DSC5570_wm _DSC5580_wm _DSC5583_wm _DSC5585_wm _DSC5594_wm _DSC5649_wm _DSC5655_wm _DSC5657_wm _DSC5670_wm _DSC5695_wm _DSC5697_wm _DSC5710_wm _DSC5719_wm _DSC5720_wm _DSC5729_wm _DSC5731_wm _DSC5753_wm _DSC5755_wm _DSC5759_wm _DSC5767_wm _DSC5772_wm _DSC5773_wm _DSC5774_wm _DSC5778_wm _DSC5779_wm _DSC5780_wm _DSC5782_wm _DSC5784_wm _DSC5798_wm _DSC5809_wm _DSC5814_wm _DSC5815_wm _DSC5831_wm _DSC5839_wm _DSC5843_wm _DSC5853_wm _DSC5890_wm _DSC5900_wm _DSC5934_wm _DSC5975_wm _DSC5991_wm _DSC6028_wm _DSC6033_wm _DSC6035_wm _DSC6043_wm

These baskets and ribbon crowns were actually what my little girls wore when they covered the aisle with flowers during my wedding day… i just thought i could use it for this fun shoot, why not? 🙂 Here’s a glimpse..

_JJJ5574 _JJJ5886 _JJJ5887 _JRO1709 NEIL & DEE -17


What do you think about this concept? i kind of like the idea of really having a concept everytime i do fun shoots like this.  I think it’s pretty much challenging and exhausting too (setting up and pulling out stuff)… nonetheless, i want another shoot with a different concept, any suggestions? 🙂

Maxi dresses of Ria & Jannah – Ally fashion | crowns and baskets – Jazmin Events Planner 

Hair by Jannah | Photographer, Styling and Makeup by yours truly | wedding glimpse photographer – Lakshmi Photography

Thank you everyone, it’s a wrap! ❤

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