Butterflies, fly away!

This post is supposed to be still in line withe the concept “Modern day flowers girls” as seen on my previous post.

But, this butterfly maxi dress just screams like an “enchantress in the wild” sa bisaya pa, engkantada, ha-ha! Fairies and butterflies seems so good together.. my sister-in-law Jannah, did an amazing job in taking these beautiful photos with my dress flying up in the air, and with me feeling like I’ve been taken away by these lovely and colourful butterflies.

Hope you loved this look and this concept, cause i did! πŸ™‚

_DSC6206_wm _DSC6225_wm _DSC6311_wm _DSC6327_wm _DSC6330_wm _DSC6333_wm _DSC6337_wm _DSC6338_wm _DSC6344_wm _DSC6347_wm _DSC6349_wm _DSC6352_wm _DSC6353_wm _DSC6357_wm _DSC6358_wm _DSC6363_wm _DSC6365_wm

Thrifted butterfly maxi dress | Jazmin Events Planner ribbon crown

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