Young girl w beautiful eyes

aldana_shortsstation.jpg_wm aldana_shortsstation2.jpg_wm aldana_shortsstation3.jpg_wm aldana_shortsstation4.jpg_wm aldana_shortsstation5.jpg_wm aldana_shortsstation6.jpg_wm aldana_shortsstation7.jpg_wm aldana_shortsstation8.jpg_wm aldana_shortsstation9.jpg_wm aldana_shortsstation10.jpg_wm


Had this fun shoot with my beautiful niece last week when i went home in Bukidnon.. it wasn’t planned but i was happy with how it all came up.  My niece is already such a beauty even without makeup, so i only had to touch up a bit and oh boy, isn’t she gorgeous?… 🙂

I must thank my sister Flora for taking these beautiful shots of Aldana… because right after i did Aldana’s hair and makeup, i had to rush and get ready for a short trip to Valencia.. so, it was good of Flora to take over.. 🙂 i did the 2nd set though, not this one hehe.. 🙂


aldana_shortsstation11.jpg_wm aldana_shortsstation12.jpg_wm aldana_shortsstation13.jpg_wm aldana_shortsstation14.jpg_wm aldana_shortsstation15.jpg_wm


I am enjoying photography so much that i hope someday i’d have a complete photography gear like pro’s do. ha-ha.  Hope you’ll visit this page again for the second set. ❤

top and Levi’s distressed shorts all from Shorts station | shoes by Lovelyshoes

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