Bearer of HOPE


Typhoon Haiyan or better known here as bagyong Yolanda has already left the country but it’s wrath can still be very much felt even from just watching national and international news television.


Looking at typhoon Haiyan from space, Philippines could not be found, it’s completely covered, nothing could be seen but the eye of the storm.

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As I was watching the aftermath of the recently talked about villain of all time “the super typhoon YOLANDA”, I am baffled, and all i have is HOPE and Prayers for my heart is with all the people (my fellow Filipinos) who has lost their lives, lost their families and lost their living.  I am deeply touched and devastated by how terrible of a typhoon Haiyan was! I am not quite sure if it is already confirmed but casualties have risen from 1200 to 2000, now, that is not good news.

PHILIPPINES-WEATHER-TYPHOON 1383936880002-philippines1108130003 1383974227000-AP-APTOPIX-Philippines-Typhoon 1383974937000-EPA-PHILIPPINES-WEATHER-SUPER-TYPHOON-HAIYAN 1384005035000-AP-APTOPIX-Philippines-Typhoon 1384008985005-EPA-PHILIPPINES-SUPER-TYPHOON-HAIYAN1 1384065432000-AFP-524508936 1384065782000-EPA-PHILIPPINES-SUPER-TYPHOON-HAIYAN-001 1384109888004-AP-aptopix-Philippines-Typhoon 1384109888005-AP-APTOPIX-Philippines-Typhoon3 1384109888012-AFP-524520144 1384135846003--Typhoon-gallery-8 1384174379008-pi111113-009 1384174379009-pi111113-010 article-2491902-1948E36000000578-736_964x721 article-2491902-1941389200000578-335_964x641 A damaged airport is seen after super Typhoon Haiyan battered Tacloban city article-2494635-194D600D00000578-364_964x570 article-2494635-194D393100000578-222_964x578 article-2494635-194DC7D400000578-230_964x621 article-2494635-194DEE3E00000578-792_470x423 article-2494635-195004B400000578-806_964x581 Typhoon Haiyan aftermath in the Philippines

I and my family here in Cagayan de Oro were also frightened because even when Yolanda/Haiyan hit the Philippines, Misamis Oriental was already warned of a storm Signal no. 1.  However, with that of a powerhouse team of strong sustained winds about 315 kph, storm surges, landfall, and flooding, no one would want to be in that area where Yolanda’s violent eye is dotted to.

But especially for the people of Tacloban, Leyte who have suffered the highest casualties, my prayers are with you all. My heart is also filled with wishful hopes that the Philippine government would give you all the help that you need especially that a lot of Nations far and wide had extended their help and donated thousands of dollars to show their affection for the victims of Haiyan.  With that, I and my fellow Filipinos will forever be grateful for your help more so in this very time where victims might already be losing hope, feeling helpless and feeling neglected.

Despite this unfathomable tragedy, the whole globe has shared their woes, showed their concern, sent their messages and prayers of hope.  Thank you all for being a “BEAR OF HOPE” for us Filipinos.  That feeling when you know, you are not alone, I and my family are very fortunate to be of safety during that calamity, but I could not contain myself as I am really amassed with sadness especially for those who have lost their lives and knowing how frightening their experiences were, their fight for survival and still end up caught, breathless in Yolanda’s wrath.

Photos courtesy of: USA Today, Daily Mail UK, World Time | Videos courtesy of: CNN, ABS CBN News


• UNICEF staff in the Philippines is being repositioned to provide emergency aid and the organization is gearing up to deliver supplies to children and their families. Donations can be made online or by texting RELIEF to 864233 to donate $10.

• CARE teams are on the ground in the Philippines and the organization plans to provide emergency relief to thousands of families. Donations can be made online or by calling 1-800-521-CARE within the U.S. or +1-404-681-2552.

• World Vision is mobilizing nearly 500 staff around the country to respond to the disaster. Donations are accepted online and the organization also lets you sponsor a child in the Philippines.

• The American Red Cross has volunteers spread throughout the region and accepts donations online. You can also mail a check to your local American Red Cross chapter designating Philippines Typhoons and Flood in the memo line.

• The U.N. World Food Programme is urging Americans to make donations to support its emergency food relief after Typhoon Haiyan. You can donate online or by texting the word AID to 27722 to donate $10.

• Save the Children is mounting disaster relief efforts to help children and families in the area. Donations can be made online or by texting DONATE to 20222.

• AmeriCares is deploying medical aid and a relief team to Philippines, and says an emergency shipment with enough medical aid for 20,000 survivors is already on its way.

• The Philippine Red Cross has deployed staff and volunteers across the region. You can easily make a donation through organization’s website.

• To donate to the Salvation Army‘s Typhoon Haiyan relief efforts, visit its website or text TYPHOON to 80888 to donate $10 and reply YES to confirm your donation. The organization uses 100% of all disaster donations in support of disaster relief.

• Looking for someone in the Philippines area that is in your family or a friend?Google has launched a person finder for the storm, also known as Yolanda in the Philippines, where you can try and find out someone’s whereabouts or enter your own information.

NOTE: this is a direct copy from USA TODAY

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