Paint me Blue

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Dress and denim lace vest from Ororama chain of stores

Had an amazing time with my sister Ria yesterday.. as soon a i heard from my other sister Gracey that Mags was having a huge sale (yesterday was the last day), i felt the need to really go and visit the store in Centrio haha! because i sure do know that Mags has the prettiest and trendiest clothes which really suit my liking.

When we got to the store, Β i was 100% satisfied with the stuff that i got for myself and for my sissies.. For those of you who want to revamp your style or just stock-up on trendy clothes, try to visit their store in Centrio, they might still have those discounted trendy pieces you sure will love.

Thumbs up for an awesome Sunday and for a weekly bonding time with sisters, family and friends… xo^

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