Wave 1 Fashion Shoot for a Cause – 2nd day BTS

The 2nd day of the “Fashion Shoot for a Cause” that happened last Sunday was also a blast, well not to mention that we were all late oopss so sorry for that.. and there were already 4 clients waiting for us at the venue;  Not really good to keep clients waiting but I guess we were all exhausted from Saturday’s shoot.  Okay, i admit, that’s just an excuse.  But really, a lot of things happened during the morning before our call time of 9am, well never mind that hehe..

These photos were taken by my sister Ria as we were all busy getting our groove on with hair, make-up and styling.  Blessings kept pouring in as clients kept coming.  We gained more clients than what we had the previous day maybe also due to the fact that students had no class and most employees are on a day off.  What overwhelmed us the most was a family of 6 came to join our cause.  I and my sister Ria knew this family and one of their daughters is a part of our team.  We couldn’t be thankful enough.  It’s indeed overwhelming to have them support us with our cause.

blushpearls.com.jpg blushpearls.com2.jpg blushpearls.com3.jpg blushpearls.com4.jpg blushpearls.com5.jpg blushpearls.com6.jpg blushpearls.com7.jpg blushpearls.com8.jpg blushpearls.com9.jpg blushpearls.com10.jpg

Our professional make-up artist Sydney, in action… 🙂


blushpearls12.jpg blushpearls.com13.jpg

Oh why i love this photo so much? 🙂 I felt like I’m a pro but really I couldn’t even get the eyebrows right hahaha! Sydney, Carmen and I are looking so serious here… hmmmmm good job gurls…. “all work, no talk” 🙂

blushpearls.com14.jpg blushpearls.com15 blushpearls.com16 blushpearls.com17 blushpearls.com18 blushpearls.com19 blushpearls.com20 blushpearls.com21

This sure is what it takes to get the best shot for this family picture… you’ll really be surprised how beautiful the outcome was… OH wait, why don’t i just share it to you..


Isn’t it beautiful? It’s one of JB Leonardo’s best shots of Tumabiene family during our last day of Wave 1 Pose for Leyte.

blushpearls.com22 blushpearls.com23 blushpearls.com25 blushpearls.com26 blushpearls.com27 blushpearls.com28

Yey! Don’t you love her hair? I’m proud to say that I did her hair.. I think it’s not bad for an amateur hair stylist.. don’t you agree? (lolz pag bigyan nah…dili na mag react :))

blushpearls.com29 blushpearls.com30

Once again, I would like to extend my thanks to everyone who joined Pose for Leyte… You were all truly amazing especially to our dear clients/models who donated and took part of our cause; to the amazing photographers as well who came and spared a whole lot of their time just to support us on this.  A big thank you everyone!

With this, our proceeds already went to Phlippine Red Cross and rest assured it will be sent to the victims of typhoon Yolanda in Leyte.

Kudos to the team! In line with this, we are having another wave for this shoot for a cause that will commence on the 23rd of November to the 24th, Sunday.  We tagged it as Pose for Leyte and Bohol “Fashion that Helps”.

Having known that Bohol was terribly struck by a 7.2 magnitude quake almost a month before typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) struck Leyte, surely they haven’t yet gotten back to their feet and normal lives up until now.  So, we decided it would be best to give half of the proceeds to Yolanda victims and half of the proceeds to the people in Bohol whom are still suffering from the aftermath of the quake.

Hope you’ll also take time and support us on this…



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