The 2-day Fashon shoot for a cause that we had last Saturday and Sunday was a success.  Though the funds we raised doesnt equate with how huge other countries from around the world has been donating the PHilippines, I and the rest of my team felt really proud of ourselves for we know deep down our sincere hearts that we have helped somehow, no matter the cost.

I am indeed grateful for God has blessed me with great people.. I am also blessed to have gained new friends and interesting to note that we all share the same passion: fashion, beauty and care for others to be exact! 🙂

No matter how good your intentions are, I am well aware that there will always be someone who will try to pull you down and make you feel bad, it’s a really sad reality until now i couldn’t fathom.  But, to a lighter note, at the end of the day, it’s not about them, it’s about keeping the faith standing strong with what you believe is right and not minding people with selfish intentions.

Anyway, so much for that, these photos were taken from the first day of our Fashion shoot for a cause… This is my take on “behind the scenes” footage ha-ha..


We were all so blessed to have NHOtel, allow us to make their hotel our venue for our event, the place was magnificent and breath-taking.. Staff and crew were so good to us and for that we are truly thankful.

_DSC7301_wm _DSC7307_wm

Sydney from Make-up by Sydney Streegan, a new found friend of mine, a make-up artist and the sole professional make-up artist we had for our 2-day shoot.  Karen on one hand, also a new found friend, who’s doing Mary’s hair in the picture is the proprietor/designer/owner of Shorts Station, who now attempts to be a hair stylist hehehe..

One good thing about this shoot for a cause is, we strive to be as a good team, to be as ONE.  One passion and ONe goal.  Even if we’re not used to doing certain things, we tried our very best to achieve good outcome and we we’re more than blessed that everyone who came were satisfied with how the shoot went and they all looked stunningly beautiful.

_DSC7319_wm _DSC7326_wm _DSC7329_wm _DSC7332_wm _DSC7339_wm _DSC7341_wm _DSC7350_wm _DSC7353_wm _DSC7362_wm _DSC7363_wm _DSC7367_wm _DSC7370_wm _DSC7371_wm _DSC7378_wm _DSC7383_wm

Photographers as well volunteered for the shoot, we were only expecting one but 3 more came.  We couldn’t be any happier.

_DSC7384_wm _DSC7389_wm _DSC7397_wm _DSC7398_wm _DSC7403_wm

Gorgeous Karen having an iced tea break 🙂

_DSC7481_wm _DSC7485_wm _DSC7487_wm _DSC7497_wm _DSC7501_wm _DSC7502_wm _DSC7504_wm _DSC7511_wm _DSC7512_wm _DSC7521_wm _DSC7524_wm _DSC7526_wm _DSC7528_wm _DSC7531_wm _DSC7537_wm _DSC7538_wm

Karen and myself smiling for the camera… btw, she’s also my consultant/partner for making this all happen.. 🙂


Thank you to everyone who came and had fun with us… 2nd day BTS of the fashion shoot for a cause will be posted soon..  Another wave of the shoot is scheduled on November 23 – 24, 2013 hope to see you all at NHOtel, CDO. Cheers!

3 thoughts on “WAVE 1 FASHION SHOOT FOR A CAUSE – Day 1 BTS

  1. Hi ate! Congrats for the successful event! Thank you kaayo for this opportunity! Continue doing what you love. Hehe. Pwede ko mag grab ug pics? =D

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