Christmas is indeed a time of giving and sharing.  Since the birth of this blog last June 2013, I have been showered with abundant blessings of new friends, people, things and exciting opportunities.  My aim for this blog is not to brag about anything but hopefully to inspire others; to reach out to girls who share the same passion as me.

So, as thanks giving to a wonderful year of awesomeness, I am giving away one whole outfit for one lucky girl.. This giveaway is personally handpicked by me, and this style is also a reflection of myself.

How fancy it is to jump start your 2014 with some stylishly, comfortable, brand new #OOTD look 🙂

#JoyOfGiving #BlogGiveaway #OOTD

blush holiday giveaway_wm

Shorts Station has also generously collaborated with me on this giveaway 🙂 the rest are my personal choices..  The sizes for this look varies, like Medium top and sweater, a size 29 – 30 expressive shorts and size 8 (US size) wedge.. If this is not your size, it’s still worth the try since you can always give it to your friends/sisters who suits these sizes..

_DSC2338_wm _DSC2339_wm _DSC2345_wm _DSC2347_wm _DSC2352_wm _DSC2356_wm _DSC2362_wm _DSC2365_wm _DSC2374_wm _DSC2378_wm

So, for the RULES on how to WIN THIS LOOK, it’s pretty simple:

1.  Like Shorts Station on Facebook and follow them on Instagram.

2.  Like Blush Pearls on Facebook and Follow me on Instagram.

3.  Follow this blog via EMAIL (all it takes is your email address really).

4.  Lastly, comment down below “what was your 2013 style staple?” and include your Facebook and Instagram accounts, Full Name and e-mail address you used on any of your social media accounts.

NOTE: It’s important that you follow STEPS 1-4 to make your entries valid. 🙂

That’s basically it.. this giveaway is open to all Filipino residents and runs from this day until the 30th of December 2013 @ 11:59pm.  Good luck! 🙂

11 thoughts on “Blush Pearls HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY 2013 – CLOSED!

  1. Junalyn Rabanes Tadle

    I’m gonna break the Rules – It seems like everywhere I go it’s all about Christmas, which is a wonderful thing. Christmas is my favorite holiday and I’ve been feeling the Yuletide spirit everywhere! I’ve been living inside the malls these past few days looking for perfect outfits and it’s really great because there are so many christmas sales and I’m getting into it. I’m so addicted to girly and sexy dresses, skinny jeans sleeveless , shorts, boots, pumps, wedge and cute flat sandals ! It’s a great thing how we girls get to dressed up and be into fashion. It’s the way of making ourselves LOOK GREAT inside and out. For me it’s a thing that makes me happy and a reward for myself. The important thing is i get into what i want and being happy with It. Thank you and God Bless, Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year

    Name: Junalyn Rabanes Tadle

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