NYE Eve look

_DSC6049 _DSC6052 _DSC6092 _DSC6093 _DSC6099 _DSC6105 _DSC6106 _DSC6107 _DSC6108 _DSC6188This was what I wore last NYE.. a galaxy print dress from Get Laud and my overused Aldo strappy heels.. I love everything about it and it’s just the perfect look i wanted for NYE 🙂

there’s so much to look forward to now that 2013 has passed and 2014 is here… Yay! Aren’t you excited? yes I am too.. Wishing you all a year full of joy, peace, happiness, good health, good fortune, love and freedom…

Since it’s a brand new year, i think it’s just right to start it by emptying our hearts of negative thoughts, fears, rage, and hate and start to fill it with love, kindness, compassion and understanding.  It’s a complex world we live in and there are circumstances beyond our control, emotions we’re having difficulty controlling and realities we find difficult to accept; but, no matter how complex it sounds, let’s all bring out the best in us and give love and peace a good chance!

Happy New Year everyone! Cheers to a fun and exciting year ahead… Keep good vibes at bay! 🙂



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