, Sigma beauty, Urban decay: Unboxing

I am sooooo excited to share with you my first ever purchase at Sigma beauty and Urban decay shipped via MyUs.  Yeah, i actually did an online purchase with these two separate U.S. Online shops.  Both of these 2 brands are sought after worldwide, which is why i told myself, I wouldn’t allow 2013 to end if i wouldn’t grab hold of the Urban decay Naked 3 palette and F80 Flat Kabuki brush by Sigma beauty.

_DSC5871_wm _DSC5874_wm _DSC5877_wm _DSC5881_wm I came across because I couldn’t proceed with check out for all UD international customers are advised to sign up with MyUs.  For one reason, it is their international partner when it comes to shipping outside of United States, which I reckon is fair enough.  Boy oh boy, gave me the opportunity to also purchase my long wished for F80 flat kabuki brush by Sigma beauty.  It is because, gives international customers a great deal to consolidate their packages coming from different US sites, which truly offers a huge huge savings to the customers end.

After asked to register, you’ll be prompted to pay a few so dollars for a one time-sign up i think.  Then, you will be automatically given your very own US address. From there, wherever online US sites you wish to shop, you can send out all your packages into your new US address.  That address consists of a suite number and that should never be missed when filling up shipping details.  The suite number would determine if which package/s belongs to who.

I find their service flawless.  They indeed were true to their services and they truly offered a smooth transaction.  I was really pleased with them.  The only downfall was when in my country I had to pay a huge amount for duties and taxes before the courier would release my package, how troublesome but really there’s nothing i could do, because that’s how it is here.

_DSC5884_wm _DSC5886_wm _DSC5888_wm _DSC5901_wm _DSC5903_wmI was only up for the Naked 3 palette but in Urban decay’s homepage, this Book of Shadows caught my eye.  The fact that it had beautiful shades for the eyes, it also consists of a full size liquid liner, a travel size mascara and primer potion, plus it comes with a cute ud speaker 🙂 I wasn’t really amazed with it’s packaging especially that pulling the content takes a bit of an effort.  But still I was tempted to put it in my cart.. and i wasn’t disappointed, i love it. 🙂

_DSC5905_wm _DSC5906_wm _DSC5907_wm _DSC5911_wm _DSC5913_wm

Luckily, I was amongst those who were able to hit purchase before the Naked 3 palette ran out of stock.  I was so excited about this palette, not because of how beauty gurus are frenzied over this one, but because, when i first had a glimpse of it via reviews, in an instant, i knew i gotta have it.  I love everything about it, especially it’s blush/rosey/pink hues.  I haven’t got any of the best selling previous Naked 1 & 2 palettes, which i know are mostly earthly hues and browns.. but, this one’s just what i need… Well, for now._DSC5919_wm

The book of shadows and Naked 3 palette came with these gifts of purchase; a primer potion which would last about a week and a mini revolution lipstick.. i was thrilled because these surprises made me extra happy.

Now for my Sigma beauty purchases, I was only up to buy the F80 flat kabuki brush, but then again, as i was browsing over their site, this Make Me Blush travel kit brushes were too gorgeous to resist.  I love that it’s the perfect kind of blush that i want.  It comes with 7 stunning travel brushes ingeniously encased in a solid container (which could also be used as a brush holder).
_DSC5924_wm _DSC5929_wm _DSC5932_wm _DSC5937_wm _DSC5940_wm _DSC5943_wm _DSC5945_wm _DSC5946_wm _DSC5947_wm _DSC5948_wmI have another gift, woohoo.. an eyeliner brush, i believe it’s the mini version of the E05.

_DSC5959_wmTo sum up, i love my first ever US purchases and all the more I was happy I had it with Urban decay and Sigma beuaty.  By the way, my favourite Youtube beauty blogger named Jaclyn Hill was the reason why i wanted to have an F80 brush for myself.  Go check out her personal blog and YouTube channel to know more of what i’m blabbing about… 🙂

Hope this post is of good help to you especially if you’re from the Philippines and you want a consolidated shipment of all your US purchase/s.  Hope this post brought about excitement to you as much as I did receiving these in my doorstep.

Have a blush week blushies!



6 thoughts on “, Sigma beauty, Urban decay: Unboxing

  1. How much did you pay to for shipping and handling? I have heard that its a lot!! Please include a breakdown of costs as I would loveee to get urban decay and few other stuff, your membership

    1. I paid $54.36 for the shipping & handling. I was satisfied with My Us but It’s the amount i paid for customs duties and taxes when it was delivered in my doorstep that shocked me, i paid another $80 for that..

      1. wow $80 for custom duties. Which membership did you opt for at MyUS? sorry for so many questions as I am looking to purchase for myself

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