Spoiled Bratte NOW OPEN!

I am thrilled to share with you Kagay-anon ladies, if you haven’t known yet, Spoiled Bratte has already opened their brand-new-spanking boutique! Yay! πŸ™‚ If you were an avid fan of their trendy online collection in Facebook, then you will be as excited as me to finally be able to visit their shop in your own luxury, especially whenever you feel like you need an outfit fix!


Meet (L-R) Carmi, Abby, myself & Juna, the three gorgeous ladies behind the fashion shop, Spoiled Bratte. Β It’s interesting to note that, three friends have the same interest in fashion. Β I ones dreamt of having a fashion boutique of my own, it’s far more exciting if your closest friends are also your business partners, isn’t it? I will be thrilled too if given the opportunity to have this kind of collaboration with my girls Sydney, Karen and Tofu πŸ™‚

Congratulations to you again girls for taking a huge step forward into bringing your fashion collection in one of the busiest streets in CDO (Velez-Hayes Sts). Β I’m pretty sure not only your loyal customers and followers online will be constantly visiting your shop but also some other local passers-by. Β Who wouldn’t want to visit your shop? It’s physical set-up alone is enticing enough and has that good vibe for everyone to check out. πŸ™‚







_DSC6310_wm These pastel-rosey-creamy-blushy hues just got me all excited. Β I wanted to buy ’em all haha!_DSC6311_wm _DSC6312_wm










As Juna, Abby and Carmi said, this was supposed to be a private launching, but who could resist not joining the fun? people kept pouring in and out… Wow!







Their collection are mostly Free size, so, it’s for everyone.. πŸ™‚




That wall print, I so love! It’s not your ordinary fashion store… It’s cute, it’s luscious, it’s sweet, and alluring indeed!







1507975_404471416323131_723307368_n_wm If you haven’t got any clue where it’s located, It is fronting Home radio, just in the corner of Velez-Hayes Street, Betty Building. Β So what are you waiting for? Come and visit them now!


To the girls, Juna Abby Carmi, thanks for having me and inviting me in your private launching. Β I am truly grateful. Β All the best for you girls and looking forward to doing collaborations with you. Β Indeed a good way to jump-start your year! Cheers!

Spoiled Bratte Facebook | Instagram



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