Gorgeous glam

Happy cold Tuesday afternoon everyone.. Just sharing with you blushies yet another fun shoot I did for a friend.  This is the first set of the shoot we did last December when I stayed for the Holidays in my Hometown in Bukidnon.

I call this the “gorgeous glam”, you may see it differently but i am quite happy with how this shoot came out, my model friend looked glamorous even with the sun at its highest glory, haha! Since this is one of the many fun shoots I did, i went for a look that’s all too simple yet not neglecting the natural beauty of the model.  I am deeply amassed every time I feel that I have achieved a certain look despite its simplicity.
_DSC4351_wm _DSC4408_wm _DSC4416_wm _DSC4505_wm _DSC4511_wm _DSC4536_wm _DSC4553_wm _DSC4575_wm _DSC4636_wm _DSC4649_wm _DSC4653_wm _DSC4730_wm _DSC4756_wm _DSC4777_wm _DSC4789_wm _DSC4793_wm _DSC4794_wm _DSC4802_wm _DSC4850_wm _DSC4889_wm _DSC4909_wm _DSC4955_wm _DSC4971_wm _DSC4975_wm _DSC4986_wm _DSC4989_wm _DSC4990_wm _DSC4997_wm _DSC4999_wm _DSC5007_wmWhat are your thoughts about this look? 🙂 Let’s all bring out the best in us this 2014… Yes to trying out new things.. Exciting blessings are yet to come!

Shorts station floral, vintage dress | Mags sandals


Elle a.k.a Dee

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