Sunflower on a Rainy Day

For some reasons, the rain here in North Min just wouldn’t stop.. and I kinda want the sun back 🙂 Here’s another late post we did on the mid part of December.. I already forgot about this and since it was so hot and sunny that day we had this shoot, I’d like to post this now as a shout out for Mr. Sun to shine again 🙂

_DSC1785_wm_DSC1760_wm Anyways, I am loving this retro-vintage sunflower jumpsuit i got from Shorts station.  I love jumpsuits and this one’s quite special.  It has padded shoulders (so old school) and i love how the length is just perfect for my height.. it’s super comfy and loose that i can sleep on it… no! 😉 When it comes to jumpsuits like this, I love to pair it with flats/sandals.. if it’s a bit longer, i’d opt for a strappy heels instead because i personally don’t want my heels showing up and the suit just hanging loose.

Esquire vintage purse | Random brand sandals and accessories

_DSC1762_wm _DSC1768_wm _DSC1773_wm _DSC1777_wm _DSC1778_wm This was shot on location at a local restaurant called Bourbon St. Bistro along J.R. Borja extension.  Food here was great too.  Hubby and I enjoyed their pasta (forgot the name), it was deli-sh… ‘will sure be coming back for more..

Please excuse my face if I look so pale and distraught (I really wasn’t), twas because the sun was at its highest glory when we shot our first set (you can view it here), so the hot and humid air squeezed my makeup out.. whoo0psiedaisy! 😉

Also, since it’s raining like crazy everyday and the weather is but cold, make sure to stay dry, warm and safe.. fight the fugly weather 😉



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