Since Prom is a little bit around the corner, here are my top couture picks from the amazing prom dresses designer, Sheri Hill.  She’s got the most prettiest and glamorous prom dresses ever.  If I could draw back the hands of time, I would want to go back to that time when I was in Junior-Senior high and grace the ball with these a-mazing head-turner collection.

Prom here in the Philippines is a little bit on the conservative side.  Pretty much almost all the schools have one common rule: dresses must not be too revealing! nonetheless, prom princesses especially the juniors are quite overly excited even just the thought of this special event.  It happens only twice, that’s why all are eager to dress well for the occasion and try to be their prettiest with hopes of becoming the prom queen or the princess of the night.

As to my own preference when it comes to prom dresses, I want it simple but classy, one that would make you stand out from the crowd.  Dresses, hair and makeup just enhance your natural beauty, one thing that should exude during that special night is how you carry yourself irregardless of how simple or expensive looking your dress will be.

Here are my top picks from Sherri Hill’s array of beautiful and elegant pieces:
11151-s14-10-707x960 1004541_10151689357307205_1006304607_n This one’s probably my favourite.  The back detail says it all.  I have an undying love for lace and daring back details.  For this ensemble, it has the right amount of edge, it may just be on the cocktail side of prom dresses but I love how simple yet classy it looks.  I love it’s intricate bead-work, perfect fit, the fact that it’s white, it looks chic and polished and need I say more?1460126_10151812080987205_358663290_n If you are on the simple with a hint of sultriness kind of style for prom, you might want to check this style out.  It’s sleek, elegant, and sexy in some sorts that’ll surely sweep people off their feet.1470180_10151781743547205_929616791_nIf your dreaming of fairyland and fantasia, you got to have this dress.  It has the perfect pop of color that is lusciously beautiful and crazy pleasing to the eye, the simplest yet chicest white dress I’ve ever seen.  Seriously, I love it.
1505519_10151868745377205_1703548431_n I am in love with white gowns that has elegant back details, i know! haha! What else can I say? the dress says it all.1512388_10151893940442205_2119746065_n Who wouldn’t want to look like a princess during Prom Night? I do, If you do as well, better have this kind of ball gown fit for a princess.  The open-back detail of this dress, the beaded waistline and closed high neckline makes this dress worthy for Prom.1512800_10151915303502205_845340338_n If you opt for a style that screams simplicity but with a touch of glam in it, this one’s so perfect for you.  You might look just like a real-life barbie doll with this dress on just like these two gorgeous models.1512832_10151847238787205_2010497792_n This dress is fit for a queen, a Prom Queen to be exact.  It has the right amount of sassiness and sexiness; this may not be the most over the top ball gown for prom, but this style might just be all you need to win that crown.  If worn with confidence and grace, you sure will win hearts of many.  For me, this got all the right details for a prom dress; the fit, the curves, the details, sheer light-weight peek-a-boo skirt, everything is just spot on.  1515004_10151883650167205_194083568_nTrumpet/Mermaid cut dresses are the sexiest don’t you agree? with too much glitz going on in this dress, you sure wouldn’t need anything else.
1517706_10151867042892205_1819562485_n This is just the right amount of glam.  Those intricate beading especially the low V-cut detail on the back makes this style perfect for a blush night at the Prom.  You sure would melt anyone’s heart with this look.  Simply beautiful.1545099_10151916522042205_1103195157_nI love everything about this style; the sweetheart neckline maybe a little bit too revealing but this will surely make you the celebrity gossip of the night.  Lovely mixture of pastel colours and perfect if you want to flaunt those sexy curves of yours.

Aren’t you excited for prom? I bet you really are.  Proms are those times where you wanna feel the prettiest and I kind of miss that feeling; these types of event just comes around a few or so times so make the most out of it and look your greatest.  Remember to exude confidence and always feel beautiful inside and out no matter what.



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