I Posed for Leyte and Bohol: Androgyny

One style I rarely get to flaunt is that of the androgynous side. It’s a style loved by many, a style worth the hype, an effortless style which shows a balance between masculine and feminine dressing.  One androgynous look I have in mind that I still haven’t put together is a boyfriend jeans + loose top + heels combo, I love just the thought of how sexy yet manly it would’ve looked like.

But for this particular look, tofu of Tofuisragdollspaorrow did an amazingly crazy awesome job in putting this look together for me… Btw, this was taken November of last year when I organized a Pose for a Cause event for the benefit of the typhoon and earthquake victims in the Visayas.  That said event was a huge success due to efforts of quite a few generous people.

What good it is to have thought of organizing a “Pose for a Cause” event if I myself wouldn’t pose for the camera as well and donate? It was a 2-part, 4-day event and for the 2nd wave of the cause, this was my part; I wanted to try a style which I haven’t yet tried so, tofu came up with this 🙂 If you want to see the outcome of my 1st wave, part of the cause, you can view it here!

Shot by the master Strobist himself, Glenn Palacio, styled by a good friend Tofu & also wearing apparels from her shop Tofu’s Ulzzang Shoppe and prettified slash personified by one of the best hair and makeup artist’s in town Keith Asok…_TGP0903

_TGP0904 _TGP0909 _TGP0911 _TGP0912 _TGP0913 _TGP0915 _TGP0927 _TGP0935 copy uniqlo10 copyHope you like this look… I know this post should’ve been up last year, I know how backlog it is.. but you know there are really those times when all you want to do is detach from the world and savor your own luxury of time… of course to do nothing!

But for now, I’ll try my hardest to be on track no matter how busy life gets!  I’m also happy that the sun is finally back and with that, I can take street style outfits again, yay for me! 🙂

Have a lovely week everyone!


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