Short Summer-y escapade!

_DSC7639Don’t you just love vacations?

Don’t you just enjoy the sun?

Don’t you just get excited of white sandy beaches?

I do.

I always get thrilled whenever plans of going on a vacation and going on a trip to white sandy beaches ring on my ear… earlier this February, hubby spilled out his plan of taking me back to one of the first islands we’ve been to during the premature lights of our relationship (that was some seven years back)… was i ever excited? I was crazy excited.
_DSC7646 The plan was not only to visit Kaputian Island, it was only part of our “Back to where it all began” vacation. Β The real thing was to visit the one city hubby and I met, Davao city.

I then SOS-ed my bff cousin if she could be our tour guide because it was already ages ago since I last visited the place. Β There was a lot on our to-do lists and on top of it was to enjoy the sandy beach of Kaputian Island in Samal.
_DSC7649 _DSC7673 _DSC7685 _DSC7719 _DSC7755 _DSC7756 _DSC7768 _DSC7774 _DSC7786 _DSC7790 _DSC7799 _DSC7802 It was only a very short trip to this amazing island and I can’t wait to have another dose of this trip. πŸ˜‰Β _DSC7803 _DSC7820 Again, this Shorts Station studded ripped Levis shorts never fail to amaze me… wearing it on the beach than on my usual street style fix gives a different twist to how i usually wear it._DSC7825 _DSC7894 _DSC7899 _DSC7904 _DSC7922 _DSC7927Will post some other details on this trip on my next blog.. Have a wonderful week ahead lovelies! πŸ™‚ Β Hope you’ll find the time to have a short vacation like this… it’s definitely a stress reliever! πŸ˜‰


2 thoughts on “Short Summer-y escapade!

  1. aubrey shayne

    It was nice to be with you again my dear cousin.. I can still remember years ago, when Neil courted you. I was a witness of your love affair.. And bein’ with you and your supportive hubby is a wonderful experience. I want to leave this message to express my gratitude for trusting me again in this fairytale love escapade. I love you so much my dear bff cousin..

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