Basic Style Staple: Leotard version 1 (Boyfriend Jeans)

I never thought how this inexpensive piece of garment can come up with so many different looks, needless to say how quickly it can change the whole aura of the outfit simply by just switching accessories and shoes.

I am on the simple side when it comes to dressing up, I usually wear thrifted, retro-vintage type of clothing and I rarely splurge.. I mean I have never splurged… I don’t intend to, not yet… for a second there, I sound confusing πŸ˜‰

the whole point of me creating this online diary is to showcase how trips to the thrift stores and one dollar shops can be all worth it. Β As famous designers ones quotedΒ “It’s not about brand, it’s about style”Β “fashion fades, style is eternal” YSL

With fashion, it’s unpredictably ever changing, with designers from all over the globe flock the runways with their new designs almost sparingly everyday, however, we all have our own version of the word fashion.. for some it might just be none-sense but for those who share the same thoughts as me, it’s about being comfortable in your own skin, how beautiful you feel about yourself when you’re flaunting your own style; whether it’s as simple as a drab or as fab as a garb…blush6 blush7 blush9Leotards are a piece of clothing we rarely incorporate in our styles everyday… it might so be often used by dancers and people who exercise indoors but rarely could we see it in the world of fashion.

However, similarly, the idea of a leotard has been used by stylish people and reproduced by boutique owners through versions of wearable and chic one-piece suits (printed, low-back, cut-out) whom fashionistas dare to wear with skirts, jeans or shorts… Β Leotards are a good thing because not only is it light-weight, it is also versatile enough to pair with almost anything depending on the occasion so to say.

Body Music leotards | Surplusph boyfriend jeans | Primadonna pumps | thrifted accessories and bag

3 thoughts on “Basic Style Staple: Leotard version 1 (Boyfriend Jeans)

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