A Gem in Hubby’s Closet

Ever tried scouting into the depths of your hubby’s closet? Or perhaps your dad? brother? grandpa? πŸ˜‰ nah.. not so much with the latter…

But hey, I’ve done so a few times before back when the only man in my life was my father. Β I’ll truthfully share to you that I have actually made use of one or two garments my pap owned many years back (giggles!) ha-ha..Β a white button-down shirt and a t-shirt that was! sssssssssssssssssh don’t tell him πŸ™‚

but now, my eyes were darted on this shirt my hubby had in his closet that he never got to wear because it was too small for him, and I just gave it a bit of a chance to show my readers…


Tutum ShopΒ Keena sandals | Parisian bag


Featuring my hubby’s crafted with pride shirt πŸ™‚




_DSC9633What are your thoughts about this look? and your spills about invading and integrating your hubby’s garments into your own style? I’m eager to know.. πŸ™‚

Happy Monday everyone!

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