Casual Days

After the success of the Pose for Leyte, Open fashion shoot for a cause (Wave 1 Day 1, Day 2 Wave 2 Day 1, Day 2!) I organized last year November 2013, I am deeply thankful for after that Cause, I did gain new friends namely Sydney (Makeup artist) Tofu (Stylist/Photographer) and Karen (shorts designer).  Weeks after we wrapped up our 2-wave open shoot, we became not only acquaintances slash shoot collaborators, but I found joy in having them around, as friends.  Our schedules might not be as available nowadays as it was during our first few gatherings, still we try to squeeze in “short chikahan sessions” as much as we can.  Though our meetings usually get defunct due to busy work days (them being make-up artist and photographer) the good thing is we try to make-up for it as soon as days become open for us to meet and catch up again.

These photos are only glimpses of my post birthday celebration with them. I felt really happy having to celebrate it with them even at a later time.  They gave me presents too which I so love and adore.

ARS_1842 copy ARS_1844 copy

Candy top | For Me jeans | Guess bag | Random brand sandals | Aldo earrings

ARS_1845 copy ARS_1847 copy

Lovely pink watch, a gift from Tofu. 🙂 Sydney’s gift I am yet to blog..

ARS_1848 copy

with the beautiful Sydney S (mom, beauty junkie, make-up artist, fashionista)

ARS_1868 copy ARS_1872 copy ARS_1876 copy ARS_1881 copy ARS_1886 copy

Photos (c) Ragdoll Sparrow Photography

Since it’s Holy Week, I am grabbing this opportunity to share with you how thankful I am for the many blessings God has showered me especially with regards to having a wonderful husband, family and genuine friends.  Though grey days don’t usually go out of bay, but whatever the circumstance is, I am thankful and blessed to be alive and to be able to feel God’s grace each and every single day.  Holy Week has a much deeper meaning, so deep that it is quite difficult for me to put it in words.  At this instance all I can put into writing is that it is a perfect time to reflect, reconnect and realize the things we have done good or bad, the many ways we can do to change it and that we have a lifetime of chances to be a better version of ourselves.

A Blessed Week Everyone!


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