Rugged Glam


_DSC4202 2

I usually post more than one photo of my outfit but for some reason, this is the only shot that I love among the stack.  Probably during that time when we were in the beautiful Samal Island last week I was not really loving the feel of my hair, and the dryness of my #nofilter #nomakeup #barenaked face.  Perhaps I am blaming it all again to this enormous summer heat we’re getting in this beloved tropical island, Philippines.

Nonetheless, I better stop complaining and enjoy every bit of summer as it is nearing it’s length.  Back to this very casual look, I love how this beautifully made long-sleeve top that I got from For Me served as a cover-up from the ravaging heat of Mr Sun.  Though I have piled up on and reapplied a fair bit of sunscreen, still I needed extra protection from its harsh rays.  So, i opted for a long sleeve top and paired it with this denim short that I patiently frayed and distressed a few weeks back prior to our trip. I got a little bit carried away with the “ripping” part whilst I was destroying my shorts, I ripped it out a little crazier as I wanted it to, but luckily, I love how it turned out.

For Me top | Thrifted DIY distressed denim shorts | Tutum Keena sandals


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