Make Your Own Havaianas (MYOH) Photo Diary 2014

The MYOH 2014 invaded Cagayan de Oro yet again.  I guess this is the nth leg of the annual #makeyourownhavaianas in CdeO, however, this is the first that I was really able to attend to.  The previous years, I still wasn’t into the “making my own havaianas” craze, and for the last 2 years I was out of the country. Even way way back, I was then loving the pieces that Spruce has been piling up on their racks and did not bother to try out the joy in getting to mix and match my own pair of slippers, plus the thrill of prettifying it even more with their ample choices of pins that you can have attached in your pair.


(available light from inside the store)


(available light from inside my room at home)

It was an experience that I truly enjoyed. Though the first part was a bit tough (which took a quarter of our time), the part where we have to choose from the confusing array of colorful straps and soles, still I enjoyed the experience especially when I got to share it with my sister-in-law Jannah.  Thumbs up to Spruce for hosting this yearly event, and to Havaianas Philippines for giving us the opportunity to experience even the slightest bit of how it’s like to be in Brazil.

How do you like my pink + ice violet pair? (Isn’t it lovely?) I know it is. hahaha.

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