Classic obsession: Florals

When I started to make this blog and slowly feel the joy of sharing my random spills, one of my all-time favorite source of inspiration and my ultimate fashion staple is, of course, the floral trend.  I can’t exactly pinpoint which part of this trend made me fall in love with it; maybe because of the fact that I also have a thing for retro and vintage pieces, and floral prints just remind me of vintage dresses back form the time of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.

Floral prints can be anything, from dresses, rompers, trousers, shorts, accessories, bags, shoes, name it, it’s everywhere.  A lot of designers nowadays tend to make more modern styles out of this classic trend, and I love it! I just could not get enough of them.  I love how soft, girly, chic and romantic it looks on anyone who wears it.  Your look, however, depends on how you pair it with.  If you opt for a floral printed dress and pair it with wedges or strappy heels, you’ll look femininely chic same as how Jessica of Hapatime wore it.  If you opt for two separates, one with a floral print and one with a natural tone, you’ll look stunningly beautiful same as how Alexandra Pereira of Lovely Pepa flaunted it.4hef

Jessica of Hapatime.  I love her style, everything she wears is just spot-on especially when she wears floral prints, she makes every girl reading her blog want to buy the exact piece too.


One of my favorite Filipina bloggers, Vern Enciso of V ❤ V who’s soon launching hers and sister Verniece Enciso, a style book which I cannot wait and so thrilled about.  I love how she paired her floral romper with sexy caged heels and black studded sling bag.


Verniece Enciso the other half of V ❤ V, sister of Vern Enciso.  Her floral palazzo pants are just gorgeous.


Emily Gemma of the Sweetest Thing.  I love how she paired her floral shorts with a simple top with a lovely lace hem.  She looks stunning.


Alexandra Pereira of Lovely Pepa.  Don’t you find her floral skirt fabulous? I do.. it screams girly boho chic, and I adore how she paired it with the perfect basic pieces which made the whole look not overly matched.


Dolce & Gabbana floral print pumps of Annabelle Fleur of Viva Luxury.  Annabelle is known for her elegant and polished style of dressing, she always looks effortlessly fashionable.  Oh, how I wish I can have this exact pair of D&G pumps shipped without having to worry about over-priced custom duties and taxes when it’s delivered here in the Philippines.  I love everything about this shoes.  It’s floral, yes.  The color? Uh, I’m in love.  How could you not love the look of it?  It’s every shoe-a-holic’s dream shoes.



Mayo Wo of Mellow Mayo.  She’s gorgeous, I love her style and how she comes up with versatile looks that are sure to wow readers.  The color and print combination of both these looks is just superb.


Lastly, Juliett Kuczynska of Maffashion.  She reminds me of Kristina Bazan of Kayture, both gorgeous and with styles resembling one from the other.  I am in awe of this dress she’s wearing.  It looks classy but not tacky.  It has bold tropical prints which still would make her stand out even from a huge crowd.

Since from the country where I am, we are on the last days of summer and I thought it would be nice to share the Top 8 fashion bloggers that I constantly draw out inspiration from, and how they wore my favorite floral trend.

I will also be posting my latest floral haul and streety-style floral looks on my upcoming posts…

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