Blush Pearls is turning 1!

Oh my! My blog is actually turning 1 by the end of this month…. How exciting!  Time did really swung by like a snap.  Henceforth, I am thrilled especially that I contacted someone to help me tweak my blog a bit to commemorate its first year of being launched.  I have blogged a couple of years back when I was still in Aus but unluckily, my previous blog got phished in some unfortunate ways so I really cant tell how glad I am to have gone this far.

The good thing about having this blog is that, I can well express myself through my random spills mostly about my daily outfits, things I love (fashion, beauty, photography), random places I’ve gone to, my thrift finds, and basically anything that’s fueling my inspiration meter at a humanely acceptable level.  It’s again, what’s keeping my sanity intact despite the chaos, rubble and unexciting circumstances that’s draining my sanity meter away these days.  Because you see, in the world we live in and as human as we are, we get a lot of drama here and there, as well as other instances beyond our control, and yes, we all deserve to have that one good escape route to still remain our beautiful selves.

…and for me,

This blog which is full of my random spills is pretty much my perfect escape route…  ❤  I am overwhelmed to have people drop by my blog and actually take time to subscribe and follow my posts, thanks to all of you for inspiring me to keep doing what I love doing.

ARS_3978 ARS_3979 ARS_3980 ARS_3984 copy

I am loving this embellished top by Mags.  This top actually comes with a matching floral skirt but I opted to pair it with this adorable floral shorts instead.  I know, I am so addicted to florals.  It is amongst my greatest obsessions when it comes to fabrics and other stuff.  Expect a series of floral pairings on my upcoming posts.  I have gone cray with hauling for floral pieces recently, I can’t wait to share how I styled em with.

ARS_3985 copy ARS_3986

Mags top | Shorts station shorts | Thrifted Chanel inspired bag | Primadonna heels

Special thanks to my good friends:

Tofu of Photo by Ragdoll Sparrow Photography &

Sydney of Make-up by Sydney Streegan

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