Birthday Getaway Part 1: Koala Hospital, Port Macquarie

Hello everyone! After failing to renew my main blog which you can no longer view at this point in time, I have been on hiatus for quite some time, for nearly 2 years to be exact.  I am now back here in my very old blog if you may refer to the previous article which is dated back in 2014.  I have been on hiatus for quite some time, and I have finally gotten out of hibernation and finally doing my very first post.

To give you a very short update, after moving in Sydney last 2016, challenges poured in like a storm. My husband and I were faced with enormous uncontrollable series of events from being new to a place, meeting new set of people, work and other circumstances, we were thankful and grateful that after all the tough part of starting all over again, we have finally settled in, and have overcome most challenges.

Last week my husband and I spent the weekend with two of our friends, also a couple (Philip & Kate), out of Sydney, in a town located at the mouth of Hastings river in New South Wales, Port Macquarie. It was our long-awaited short holiday, which was also perfect as it was Holy Week and my Birthday as well (1st of April). We arrived at Port Macquarie on a Good Friday and our first stop was at the Koala Hospital, which was only a close drive from the place we stayed in.

CityBeach_6CityBeach_3DSC_0796CityBeachCityBeach_2CityBeach_4CityBeach_5travelling with friendsCityBeach_7DSC_0754CityBeach_8I am thrilled with excitement to be finally back on track in writing and sharing photos. There’s still a lot to explore in this amazing country. Stay tuned for more photos on exciting places, bargain finds, fashion and beauty loots, food and cafe destinations plus other random musings, this is only the beginning, there’s more to come. 🙂

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