Hair Regrowth with Cocoa Locks

I’ve never had any problems with my hair before back when I was still in the Philippines.  But I have noticed since moving in Australia 2 years ago, change of weather conditions (especially during the winter season) and harsh UV rays to name a few have caused some irregularity and damage to my hair.  I have been occasionally having hair fall a lot more than usual.  My hairline has also started to thin out which prompted me to put the fringe back on to hide my hairline and also to minimize putting my hair up on a tight, sleek ponytail.

I have always had long hair but due to the damage, I had to cut and trim it short every so often.  Though I do make some efforts to keep my hair at its best, like: avoiding harsh chemicals, hairwashing every 2nd day, applying oils on damp hair, using heat devices only when needed, eating healthy, and so on… I still get frizzy and unruly hair that keeps on shedding like crazy.

I wanted my long hair back and luckily I have come across a product recently by the brand Cocoalocks that aims to provide benefits which include:

  1. Increased collagen production for extra strength
  2. Nourishment for your hair from within
  3. A decrease in hair loss
  4. Increased speed in hair growth
  5. Prevention of hair breakage
  6. Noticeably glossier locks

Enter LUDELLE20 at Checkout for a discount! 🙂


Sounds promising! Enticing enough, I am yet to try it for myself. AS it is a hot chocolate drink with low calories, I am definitely in for a treat.  Will see how I go and will give you an update in a month’s time, will also take another photo of my hair length after the 1-month program.  I am thrilled to start this program and twice as excited to see results.


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