Have you ever dreamt about that special someone? Have you ever, as a little girl, envisioned what your dream man would look like and how walking down the aisle with him would turn out to be?

Well, honestly? when i was a kid, i did not have any of that dream.  Seriously, i wasn’t fussy about having “a dream man” and more so with “dream weddings” coz i had none! But, when i first fell in love, got hurt, fell in love again, got my heart torn into pieces again and uhmmm it made me think how many times do i have to keep hurting myself and keep bumping on the wrong ones before i can finally take home a good catch? The answer wasn’t as quick as a lightning but it was as slow as a slimy slug…

Destiny really has it’s time and especially for those who know how to get their hearts broken, get up from that painful fall and patiently wait…

As to mine, it took me several heart-aches as i want to say before i met the man who i can call, My Mr. Right!  I first fell in love when i was sixteen and don’t wanna recount the many times i got my heart broken but from that time ’til i tied the knot with Mr. Forever, it took 12 years before i got to take home a very good catch and that long years to finally have the chills on what and how my wedding would look like.

neil dee onsite slideshow - Copy_243579

It’s one of those blushing moments when you walk down the aisle, all by yourself, with nothing to hold/hang on to except a bouquet, a throbbing heart and gnawing nerves… but, it is the most wonderful feeling a woman could ever feel!  Indeed, one of the precious highlights of a woman, a celebration of love, a celebration of forever… and it’s been 42 days 2 hours 30 minutes and 56 seconds as we speak since i tied the knot with my man! With high hopes and a humble prayer that our love would endure life’s complexities and still hold hands when we reach our senile years… 🙂

Would be very glad to share the story behind my wedding day through photos and inspire especially those who just got engaged and are planning to go through with planning your own wedding… soon on a brand new post!

Photo Courtesy of Lakshmi Photography by Jiva and Julie Jimenez

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